Will Daniel Ricciardo Get Swapped in for Sergio Perez at Red Bull?

"Red Bull's driver dilemma: Will they stick with the safe bet of Sergio Perez or make a bold move by bringing back the marketing sensation Daniel Ricciardo? The F1 rumor mill is buzzing with speculations, and the pressure is on Perez to prove his worth in 2023. Will the team play it safe or take a risk for a potential win-win situation? Let's dive in!"

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Why Red Bull may keep Sergio Perez?

Perez is a safe option, a team player, and the perfect number two driver that Red Bull needs during the Verstappen era. Dropping Perez and bringing in Ricciardo could cause problems, especially if Ricciardo's bad form continues with Red Bull, causing criticism and damaging both the drivers' and constructors' championship fights.

Why Daniel Ricciardo could be a replacement for Sergio Perez in 2024?

Daniel Ricciardo could be a possible replacement for Sergio Perez in 2024 if the relationship between Max Verstappen and Perez were to worsen. Ricciardo's familiarity with the Red Bull environment, his popularity in key Formula One markets, and his willingness to sit out for a season make him an attractive option for Red Bull. Additionally, the team's marketing capabilities could be bolstered by Ricciardo's presence.

What fans think about the possibility of replacing Sergio Perez with Daniel Ricciardo?

Fans have different opinions about whether Red Bull should replace Perez with Ricciardo. Some think it is a possibility, while others do not see it happening. Ricciardo is seen as a risky prospect compared to Perez, given his recent performance at McLaren. Perez has done well as a floor razor for Red Bull since joining, and he is a team player. However, some believe that if the relationship between Max and Checo turns sour, Red Bull will drop Perez in a heartbeat, and Ricciardo's presence could pressure Checo into compliance.

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