Will Fernando Alonso & Aston Martin Be a Top F1 Championship Contender Soon?

The ascent of Aston Martin resembles Mercedes quite a bit. In both instances, a large investment was made on a subpar team, which paid off. Aston Martin appears prepared to overtake Mercedes as the next dominating team after the eight years that Mercedes dominated. But let's not get ahead of ourselves too quickly. 

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Aston Martin's hopes for 2023 were recently described by Fernando Alonso, who also discussed how the reality has pleasantly surprised them. The hype train accelerated as a result, and 2024 now seemed more promising than ever.


With Aston Martin placing second in the constructors' championship, Fernando Alonso has got podiums in all 3 races by finishing 3rd in every race. Alonso said he hoped 2023 would be a learning season and 2024 would be the season to contend for the top spots. The team is already doing this, though. All that remains to be seen is how things turn out when every team shows up at the forthcoming races with their massive upgrade packages. Whatever the case, nothing should prevent Aston Martin from challenging for the championship in 2024 if they are able to learn enough from the AMR23.

Alonso on the future 

According to Autosport.com, Fernando Alonso said, “I was hoping 2023 to be a learning season and in 2024 maybe to be challenging Ferrari and Mercedes and things like that. But we challenged them in Bahrain in race one so obviously now everything looks more optimistic. From Baku, Imola, Barcelona, the teams will start to bring upgrades to the car and we need to also be a top team in that regard. On-track, but also off-track we need to learn many things throughout this season to be a contender in 2024 hopefully.”

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