Will Max Verstappen Retire Early from F1?

When Max Verstappen first appeared on the scene, he was a young prodigy who had already shown tremendous talent and potential. Verstappen became the youngest driver to ever start a race when he made his Formula 1 debut at the age of 17. He immediately developed a reputation as a driver who could challenge the established order of the sport.

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Verstappen The Hope 

Max Verstappen has made repeated allusions to his desire to leave professional racing early. He is now viewed as a possible saviour who may usher in a new age of domination in Formula 1 and has consequently become a symbol of hope for the next generation of drivers.

WHat Verstappen said on his retirement 

The first time he said something related to his retirement was after the 2022 Abu Dhabi GP. Contracted with his childhood team Red Bull until the end of 2028, the reigning champion said, “I don’t know after that. But it also probably depends how competitive we are in ’28. I’ve still got time. I don’t want to make drastic decisions now.”

“I want to do other stuff. F1 is amazing and I’ve achieved a lot, and I’m very happy and proud about it… but it’s a lot of travelling and it’s a lot of races [F1 is set for a 24-race season in 2023]. And at one point, what is more important? Is family more important, or is F1 more important? That’s when you need to make your mind up,” as quoted by Sky Sports, hints at his shifting priorities away from F1.

Max Verstappen’s checklist for early retirement

He has gradually compiled a list of the requirements that will force him into an improbable early retirement. And at the top of the list is that by the end of his current Red Bull contract, he must drive competitively. He wants to drive at the front of the grid and compete for the championship and podiums. If not, he would choose to compete somewhere else.

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