5 insanely expensive things floyd mayweather owns

'Money' as he is rightfully known is one of the very few athletes to have earned over a billion dollars. he is also notoriously famous for his spending habits. we take a look at floyd's most expensive purchases

Mayweather owns a fleet of cars, color coded in each city. However, the Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita was his most expensive car priced at $ 4.7 Millon


Floyd is a avid watch collector. The crown jewel in his collection is a Jacob&co 'Billionaire' it is the only one in the world and is priced at $18 million


Credits: Instagram/Insaneluxurylife

Mayweather owns multiple private jets dubbed 'Air Mayweather'. His most expensive jet is reportedly a Gulfstream G560 priced at $60 million

Private Jets 

Mayweather is a property mogul. He owns a number of million dollar mansions. His most recent purchase is a $25 Million LA mansion


'Money' is seldom seen without diamonds all over him. He has a multi-million dollar jewellery collection


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