5 Ridiculously Expensive Things Owned By Billionaire Tiger Woods

In 2009, Forbes confirmed that he was among the only three names in the sports industry to earn over $1 billion during his career. He is one of the wealthiest sports professionals in the US. The major championship winner spends his earnings in a way that might surprise his fans. Let’s find out the top 5 most expensive things he owns

Tiger Woods Officially A Billionaire

Tiger Woods is among the highest-paid athletes, and expensive things are not very hard for him to own. According to Forbes, the golfer has a net worth of 1 billion since turning pro in 1996. Though his record-setting golf career has had its ups and downs, he remains the highest-paid golfer in the entire world.

'The Privacy'

On number five is the beautiful and peaceful private yacht named, ‘The Privacy.’ It cost the golfer $25 million when he purchased it in 2004. The yacht has enough room for 21 people and amenities like a gym, theater, and Jacuzzi.

private jet

You were wrong if you thought a private yacht would suffice, Woods. The evidence is Gulfstream G550 Private Jet, which he bought in 2017 for $54 million. The jet has enough seating and space for 24 people and can stay in the air for 12 hours non-stop with amenities like a kitchen, a sleeping area, a wireless network, satellite communication, an Iridium phone.

The Watch Collection of Tiger Woods

How can we forget his love for watches? Yes, Woods owns one of our most expensive and finest watches—a Rolex. The classy gradient dial in the twilight color has landed the watch in the third position of his top 5 costly things. The name of his Rolex is “Sea-Dweller,” which was first manufactured in 1967 and cost him $10,000.

Woods’ real estate investments

The former no.1 did not just spend money on things, but he also invested in places and institutions that have left a deep mark on society. Therefore, number two is his restaurant, ‘The Woods,’ situated in Florida in 2015, which serves American cuisine. According to reports, he spent approx $8 million on building the restaurant.

Woods is not all about money

Woods doesn’t just earn it but returns it to society in the best way possible. He founded the Tiger Woods Learning Center in 2006. The facility has many learning facilities and a golf course to teach golf. With a big beautiful heart, he created this place for underprivileged children below the poverty line.

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