Oddly Satisfying Video Shows a Mob of Kangaroos Invading a Golf Course in Australia

Sometimes, it’s not just golfers who want to tee off on a golf course. In a recent video shared, kangaroos were sighted on a golf course in Australia. It was a mob of kangaroos, who were friendly enough to stay away from the golfer.

Mob of kangaroos surprises golfer by appearing on a golf course in Australia

In the video shared by Golf Australia, the kangaroos took over the middle of the fairway. Due to this trespass, Wendy Powick could not tee off. She smiled and looked at the camera filming, beyond amused and perplexed by what she was witnessing. It is safe to say that no one teed off for some time, not until the kangaroos cleared the way completely.

What did the golfer have to say about the kangaroos?

Powick, who started playing golf last year, spoke about the incident to 7NEWS, “I was standing at the 11th tee and all of a sudden, all of these kangaroos just came straight towards me. There’s a lot of them at this course. Usually they stick to the sides and watch you play. But this was very unusual occurrence.”

Powick Quote [contd...]

“I think they came up and then realised I was there and thought, ‘Oh, we better take off’.”

The Anglesea Golf Course is another home to Kangaroo

This is not the first time when mob Kangaroo visited Golf Course. They are the daily visitors of Anglesea Golf Club

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