An Unbelievable Story of How Phil Mickelson Made $1M in Less Than 3 Hours

Phil Mickelson has been making the headlines even though he hasn’t competed since February. golf journalist Alan Shipnuck recently published a book about Phil that has shook the entire golfing world. There have been some incredible revelations in this book, like Mickelson’s love for gambling

Alan revealed an epic Phil Mickelson gambling story

“On the opening day of the NFL around the turn of the century, Phil gets like eight or ten dudes and they fly to Vegas. I think it was a Bellagio, and they’ve got this suite where there is a TV for each game,” said Alan.

Jason Kidd seemed Baffled

Former basketball player Jason Kidd and baseball player Tom Candiotti were perplexed as they did not know how much amount to be betted. “I’ll bet a thousand dollars. I don’t want Phil to think I am a p***y,” said Jason. Meanwhile, thousand dollars was a lot of money back in the days to bet on a game.

phil's got his focus locked on

“So they go back up to the suite, and I mean, it just sounds like the frat party with an unlimited budget. So, now the game starts, and things get serious, and Phil’s locked in. He’s watching eight games at once,” revealed Alan

$1 million
in 3 hours

Furthermore, Alan says Mickelson swept every game and won every bet, and he won over a million dollars in around three hours.

Phil Mickelson lost most of the money on the same day

After winning all his bets, Phil Mickelson decided to continue further. So he’s up well over a million bucks in one day of betting. But then, before they headed to the airport, Phil decided to play for a while at the casino. “He gave a lot of it back, and I mean, Caddo said we need like a lasso to get him out of there,” said Shipnuck.

phil's epic lifestyle

“So they get in a place, and they fly home. They weren’t even gone for a night like it’s pretty epic and sounds like fun,” concluded Alan. Meanwhile, Alan has mentioned this incident in the book. Therefore, fans are getting to know a new side of Phil that they did not know before after reading this book.

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