An Untold Tiger Woods Story

Tiger Woods is one of the greatest golfers in history and there are plenty of worth anecdotes about him that are yet to surface on the internet. Here’s one such incident like that from the 2012 Ryder Cup involving Woods and Webb Simpson

A Tiger Woods story narrated by Webb Simpson

“It was the final day I was playing Poulter and on the eighth hole, the par-three. And I tried to smash it, I got a little ahead of it, and I shanked it. So my first thought is, this is heading over towards the fourth tee. And I did the math, and that's probably about where Tiger is right now,” Simpson said

Credit: Youtube

What did Woods do when Simpson came to him? 

To this,  Simpson thought he probably needed to move as it’s going to be a huge scene. He also thought that Tiger would make fun of him. 

Credit: Youtube

But how did Woods actually respond? 

But Tiger’s response changed everything. Tiger called Webb and asked him a question. “He said, where do you guys have the wind on five?” he asked Simpson.

Credit: Youtube

Tiger was trying to help Simpson 

“And I thought about it for a second, right to left. And then he asked about eight, and he started smiling. I put it all together that he knew that I shanked it even though it wasn’t there, and he’s trying to just bring a smile for a moment to the team room when we’re all down. Everyone started laughing. He started laughing, and we still talk about the story now,” concluded Simpson.

Credit: Youtube

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