Donald Trump releases a detailed statement about his latest golf achievement

Donald Trump and his love for golf have been prominent since before his presidency. Trump even manages and owns various courses through his organization. Furthermore, the former POTUS is said to be good at the game he loves so much

tweet about donald trump's statement

Trump has claimed to have shot a hole-in-one. The news was announced by Republican candidate Tim Swain on Twitter. 

Donald Trump officially announced his hole-in-one

“Many people are asking, so I’ll give it to you now, it is 100% true,” Trump stated. “I hit a 5-iron, which sailed magnificently into a rather strong wind, with approximately 5 feet of cut, whereupon it bounced twice and then went clank, into the hole”. 

did donald trump win?

Trump explained that the four players he was with noticed his ace before he did. Of course, playing with that group of people was fun for Trump. Furthermore, Els and Trump played against Sauers, Duke, and Goodes. In the end, Trump refused to tell if we won or not as he is modest, and does not want to brag

How well does
Trump play?

In a recent interview, Trump had admitted to being a successful golfer. However, he did admit he can play a little more. If that was not enough, the 75-year-old businessman has won club champions.

Gary Player talks about Donald Trump

 Gary Player – a golf legend – has spoken in Trump’s favor. He spoke about him being better than most presidents, at least by 20-25 shots. Trump had disagreed, adding that he feels he is better than that.

has trump played
 With the pros?

Trump has often shared videos and photos of himself on the course. Sometimes, he has even played a round or two with popular stars like Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson, Bryson DeChambeau, and Rory McIlroy. Many of these have been at a course managed or owned by Trump’s organization.

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