Golf Fans Will Not Like Bryson DeChambeau’s Latest Update on Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson, one of the best golfers of all time, has currently alienated himself, even socially. Ever since he got involved in the Saudi-backed Golf League controversy, he's been facing a ton of backslash

Phil's current

 Lefty is going through a rough patch after his comments on PGA Tour and on the Saudi regime. However, you can not keep Phil out of the limelight even when he is not around.

impossible to contact
phil Mickelson

It feels as if Phil has disappeared into thin air. Not just the media, but even his good friends and colleagues find it is impossible to reach out to him.

bryson tries to reach
out to Phil Mickelson

“I’ve tried to reach out,” Bryson DeChambeau said when a reporter asked him if he could communicate with Lefty. “There’s nothing. He’s gone… he’s gone dark,” Bryson added. “There’s no contact.”

Phil Mickelson’s history
at the Masters

Mickelson’s relationship with the Masters began in 1991 when he was just an amateur. However, it took him more than a decade to win the title. He had won his first Masters in 2004; It was also the first time he won a major. 2022 would be the first time Phil Mickelson will have missed the Masters Tournament in the last 28 years.

Why Mickelson is not playing the 2022 masters

Phil Mickelson is not playing the Masters due to his own reasons and not because of a suspension. He did not release a public statement but rather informed the Augusta National through a personal message to Chairman Fred Ridley. 

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