Greg Norman’s Attacking Comments on Tiger Woods Ignites the Golf World

In a recent interview, the Hall of Fame golfer Greg Norman called out another outstanding golfer, Tiger Woods. Norman has recently signed a TV broadcast deal with the CW network. Despite many people not liking his decision, the former golfer was pumped. He had been trying since last year to get the deal. There were rumors of FOX Sports becoming LIV’s broadcast partner, but things went differently.

Norman scrutinized Woods’ illegal drop

It was back in 2013 when Norman scrutinized Woods’ illegal drop in Masters. And in 2022, Woods expressed his dislike toward the major championship winner. However, Norman has replied to his comments and called him a ‘mouthpiece’, according to FOX News Channel.

Is Tiger Woods a mere mouthpiece?

According to the former golfer, who spent 331 weeks as world number one in the 1980s, Woods was unaware. He felt sad for the GOAT golfer and said, “unfortunately, he made a comment that he doesn’t know the facts about because obviously I’m still here. Obviously, he doesn’t control what we do within LIV.”

greg clears things out reguarding liv golf

The former golfer made no effort to hide the fact that PFI had funded his tour. However, LIV Golf’s investments ultimately decided everything. Norman and his executive group will be in charge of leading and managing this moving ahead. With the future business model they have developed, they feel very confident about it, and no amount of scrutiny will make them think otherwise.

unofficial liv golf latest's tweet

The Twitter handle, named ‘LIV Golf Latest’, gives updates about the LIV and everything around it. Even though the user is not officially associated with the circuit, he keeps sharing the updates. The handle posted a tweet pointing out the above comments by Norman about Woods.

What does the golf world think about the comments?

Undoubtedly, the comments section was bombarded with people opposing the feud. The comments section had mixed reactions about the remarks and LIV. However, let’s take a look at a few of the reactions from golf enthusiasts.

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