‘Horrible’: Golf Fans Show No Mercy As Novak Djokovic Suffers a Bizarre Public Embarrassment At 2023 All-Star Ryder Cup Match

28 th September, 2023

A video of his failed golf swing has gone viral, showcasing a lighter side of Novak.

Tennis legend Novak Djokovic experienced a humiliating mishap at the 2023 All-Star Ryder Cup Match.

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Djokovic’s Golf Dilemma

Credits - @frani2312

Novak Djokovic, known for his tennis prowess, got in a tricky spot on the golf course. His attempt to navigate the rough became a comical spectacle when his club got stuck mid-swing.

Fans Relish the Moment

Fans didn’t miss the chance to laugh. Here are some funny reactions to it:
1."When I played golf last time, I broke a capsule in my finger."
2."It's like Wimbledon"
3."Why is the grass so tall?"
4."Horrible, he should play chess instead"
5."Caddie, can you pass me the number 8 scythe, ta"


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