How Tiger Woods and Tom Brady’s New Project Will Be Worth Millions, Even Billions in the Future

Tiger Woods and Tom Brady enjoy the unmatched pleasure of being called the faces of Golf and the NFL respectively. While the two enjoy their massive networths, how would things look when the giants come together?

brady and woods join hands

Joining hands with each other, Tiger Woods and Tom Brady recently announced a NFT platform deal. A deal, aimed at filling the bridge between the PGA Tour and its fans with the deadline for the platform set as 2027.

Tom Brady and Tiger Woods step up to build the future of Golf

The deal initiated by Tom Brady‘s co-owned Web3.0 brand, Autograph, is set to closely work with the PGA Tour. The company, also having Tiger Woods as one of its board advisers, will work with the Tour to create a massive NFT platform.

the game of nft

As per reports, the platform will cherry-pick PGA Tour’s videos, photos, and iconic moments and convert them into an NFT. Moving ahead, these NFTs would be up for sale to the golf world. In a simplified form, the platform is set to allow fans to own a token of the sport’s history.

benefits for players

Apart from fans, the platform is also set to benefit the PGA Tour players. As per the announcement, the platform will empower the players to actively market their NFTs and fill in their pockets. In the words of Chris Wandell, the Tour’s vice president of media business development, “It’s a program designed to put money directly in players’ pockets.”

future of nft

Considering the negligible knowledge of NFT at the current time, the deal might not sound like a pleasing one at the given moment. However, on the contrary, considering the massive future of NFT in the coming time, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the platform is a lucrative investment, which if worked in the right way, has the potential to take the golf world by storm.

The growing math of the NFT Market

As per reports, the NFT market, at the end of 2021, was valued at a whopping $41 billion. Digging further, the NFT market, with a current CAGR of 35.27%, is expected to grow by another $147.24 billion by 2026. Adding another four years to it, the market is expected to touch a whopping $231 billion by the end of 2030.

here's what folks at Autograph think of the pga move

Well-versed with the potential growth in the NFT market, Wandell said, “We’re on our 1-yard line and have the length of the field to grow.” “This is going to be really good for fans and players. We think it will be a game-changer,” he further added.

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