‘I Can’t Believe She’s Doing This’: John Daly Suffered a ‘Death’ Like Feeling After Heart-Breaking Moment 3 Decades Ago

Like many, John Daly too has been in search of the right woman his whole life. Though he gave his love a chance four times by getting married, none worked out for the golfer. Today, we take a look back at a dark incident Daly shared with his then-soon-to-be second wife in 1992. 

John Daly's 1991 Season on and off-court.

The year 1991 saw massive growth in John Daly’s life. He won his first Major after claiming the PGA Championship, announcing his arrival on the big stage of professional golf. Moreover, his fiance at the time Bettye Fulford also announced her pregnancy, which would make Daly join parenthood for the first time. Nonetheless, the end of the year wasn’t very pleasant for the engaged couple, as their relationship became much worse.

John Daly labels Bettye Fulford as a ‘pathological liar.’

Just days before the 1991 Christmas, Daly decided to break up with Fulford, with whom he had been together for the past 18 months. However, his fiance wasn’t going to let go of the golfer so easily, as she disclosed about being pregnant, which put John Daly in a tough position.

What did Daly say regarding the situation he was at?

“I’m shellshocked and deeply hurt,” said the two-time Major winner. He further indicated his displeasure by stating, “I’ve been through battles, but this is like losing somebody in your family. I will never trust a woman again.” The couple was supposed to marry on December 28 of that year, but Daly revealed that Fulford mispresented herself in several instances.

Daly was shocked after hearing Fulford was previously married.

John Daly was struck with the news of Bettye Fulford being previously married and remaining legally married during their entire courtship. She only had filed for divorce in August 1991. Moreover, some reports suggested her having a child from the previous marriage.”I found out she was a pathological liar,” Daly said.

Daly had more to add.

“This is like a death in my family. I still love her. I’ll always love her. This hurts. I feel like I have to start life over.” Soon after their breakup, Fulford appointed a lawyer to receive the palimony and paternity suits. Daly was further distressed to know this as he said, “I can’t believe she’s doing this, trying to get palimony.”

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