“I Find That Hard to Believe”: Months After His Controversial Victimization by a PGA Pro, Rory McIlroy Unveils His Savage Guise as He Gives a Ruthless Reality Check

16 th September, 2023

This time, the Irishman has replied to the controversy, unleashing his savage self.

Rory McIlroy came under the radar a few months back for his controversial victimization.

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PGA pro taunts McIlroy

Amid his career high, Michael Block was asked to differ between his and McIlroy's game, following which he said, "What I would shoot from where Rory hits it would be stupid," resulting in a massive backlash from the fans.

Rory's savage take

In McIlroy's recent GOLF Subpar podcast appearance, he revealed that he has "No disrespect to Blockie," however, he threw his brutal jibe by saying that he finds it extremely "Hard to believe" that Michael "Would be number one in the world."


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