‘I’ve Never Felt Worse in My Entire Life’: Paige Spiranac Painfully Recalls ‘Dying’ Hangover Experience

26 February, 2023


Co-host Sam and the golf beauty could not stop laughing. Spiranac especially had a hard time speaking as her words were slurring. But amid all laughter and fun, Spiranac shared a funny yet painful ‘dying‘ story that you might find relatable.

After retiring from professional golf, Paige Spiranac started a podcast, ‘Playing a Round,’ about her personal and professional viewpoint. However, the latest episode of the podcast, ‘Hungover with Paige,’ brought giggles.

Why could Paige Spiranac not stop laughing?

Paige couldn’t stop laughing, and her co-host joined her laughter.

Spiranac revealed its reason and said, “Sam is laughing because I am painfully hungover. This is day two of a hangover from me dying.” Sam humorously pointed out that this was embarrassing. Even though she would be turning 30 soon, this was no way to celebrate that.

However, it was not the first time she was hungover.

Paige had the same experience during college, and she recalled the painful story.

Whenever the queen of “the worst hangovers” used to go out at night, she would not plan on drinking. But god used to have other plans for her.

What did Paige say?

Spiranac said she would never “want to drink.” But a “good cocktail menu” would always entice her. “One drink, then one turns into two, and then two margaritas turn into three,” revealed Spiranac.

Paige had more to add.

She would next go to the club and have champagne. Everything used to be fine until she reached her home.

She said, “All sudden I get home, and I’m like, Oh my gosh, I did it. I just I did it too much. And I woke up the next morning, and I’ve never felt worse in my entire life.” Drinking with friends is fun, but drinking responsibly is also essential.



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