John Daly, 56, Once Disclosed His Cancer Recovery Timeline

John Daly is one of the few golfers who never fail to grab the public eye. He is mostly in news for a multitude of reasons, ranging from his personal to professional life. However, this time he grabbed attention for something way more serious than usual.Daly talked about his struggle with cancer. The pro golfer is currently battling cancer and has some interesting opinions asked about the existence of its cure.

John Daly talks about his battle with cancer

John Daly discussed his battle with cancer in an interview. However, Daly is fighting strongly and remains to be himself even under such physical and mental pressure. John Daly boldly said, “F*ck Cancer!”

daly questions US GOVernment

The statement was quite expected and was an old-fashioned Daly move. He also went on to explain how he believes cancer is, in fact, curable. According to him, it is the US Government and a conscious decision on the part of the doctors that is keeping Americans at bay from accessing the cure.

daly dislikes american health care system

Daly also mentioned how people from other countries do have a cure and are actively using it, but Americans are mostly kept from accessing it. Long John also made strong claims about the American healthcare system.

Is Daly retiring anytime soon?

Daly is currently 56 years old. Most players decide to retire from golf by the age of 50, but Long John chose to defy the ageist stereotypes. The player’s lifestyle is not like other golfers.

living life to the fullest

Daly has successfully battled his addiction to drinking and gambling. But that is not all fights he has fought. The pro golfer is currently taking up a much bigger fight with cancer right now and is emerging as a strong survivor.

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