John Daly Explains Why He's Never Played Against Phil Mickelson

John Daly and Phil Mickelson, both are the greatest golfers. However, we recently learned of a fact that might actually come as a little shock. The two have never played one another! Let's have a look at what Daly said about it.

John Daly  on Phil Mickelson

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“He’s never invited me! Why? Phil, are you scared? No, he ain’t scared of me. That kid is so good. He’s still a kid, by the way.”

John Daly talks about Phil’s dominance on the senior tour

Daly said, “I actually haven’t talked to Phil about it because the senior tour, he just kicks everybody’s ass right now when he plays!”

About Phil Mickelson

Phil MIckelson won the PGA Championship in 2021, and then made a serious impact on the Champions Tour. Lefty is a gift that keeps on giving!

Credit- PGA/YouTube

Will Phil Mickelson ever play against John Daly

Well, currently no such schedule comes into the hype. However, if it is ever going to happen, fans will definitely love to see the match between the two greats.

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John Daly On Why He’s Never Played Against Phil Mickelson: ‘He’s Never Invited Me. Phil Are You Scared? No He Ain’t Scared of Me’

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