John Daly Once Feared His Actions Would Make Him Lose His Years-Long Contract With Popular Fast-Food Chain

Despite controversies chasing him forever, John Daly has remained an evergreen presence among golf enthusiasts over the years. While his game has taken a plunge, the ‘Wild Thing’ maintains a huge fan following and stature. His Popularity Has Often Saved His Reputation From The Wrath Of These Sponsors, Including The Time When He Was Found Drunk Outside A Hooters In 2008.

John Daly spends a night in jail after passing out outside Hooters

Back in October 2008, Daly was found passed out on the night of one of his favorite restaurant chains, Hooters. Being “extremely intoxicated and uncooperative” according to a police report, the 56-year-old was taken away to a county jail in North Carolina.


The controversy added fuel to Daly’s woeful form on the course, with victories far and few. The question on everyone’s lips was whether Hooters would terminate their chief sponsor’s contract. Daly had represented Hooters at the global level, with his staggering charisma proving to be a successful recipe for the restaurant chain.


But Daly’s jail term affected the brand in a negative way. Soon after the incident, Hooters decided to keep mum. The golfer’s agent, Bud Martin, refused to comment on how his client’s actions would perhaps change the relationship with the beer and wings spot.

John Daly has his say on the involvement with Hooters

In typical Daly style, the flamboyant golfer voiced his opinion in otherwise mute surroundings. Expressing his distaste for the incident, an honest Daly feared for the worst.
“I’ve never had an incident at Hooters,” Daly told the media later. “I hate that their name is brought into it this way.”

However, after much speculation, the Hooters brand decided to back Daly against the odds. The 2-time major championship winner has always been cordial to his sponsorship deal since, making regular appearances at their stores.


Furthermore, Daly has engraved his relationship with the company by signing his son, John Daly II, to the team. With the junior Daly already making his mark in the golf circuit, expect the franchise to rise to higher levels.

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