Greg Norman is a retired golfer turned entrepreneur. In the 1980s and 1990s he was the number one in the world for 331 weeks. Norman has 89 professional victories, which includes 2 majors. ‘The great white shark’ has made it big not only in golf but also in the field of business as well. His $400 million empire consists of 13 companies.

Although his professional life has been remarkable, his personal life has always remained in chaos.

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Greg Norman chooses to look forward

Soon after his very expensive, $130 million, divorce from ex-wife, Laura Andrassy, Greg Norman started dating Chris Evert. The Tennis sensation is the ex-wife of Andy Mill, Norman’s then best friend.

They called it quits just after 15 months of marriage. The divorce became ammunition for Andrassy to make fun of Norman.

But Norman is not someone who believes in carrying baggage. He is someone who moves forwards without wasting time by crying over spilt milk. 

“You can be positive or negative, you can get down on yourself. I’m the type of guy that always looks forward and doesn’t look back. You can cry over spilt milk as much as you want what is done is done. Whether it was your decision or somebody else’s decision. Whether somebody did something to you or whatever, it is done. You’ve got to move forward,” Norman said.

He believes that thinking about things sends you into a spiral and it’s better to accept the reality of the situation and move forwards. He feels happy and satisfied despite the events in his personal life. “Believe me, I am happy, I am in a very good place,” he said.


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Norman chooses to focus on the future and does not have any regrets in life. He still believes in love. “Oh yeah, of course, I still believe in that,” he said.

Was this marriage doomed from the start?

Norman and Evert ended their respective marriages to be together as the duo filled for divorce at the same time. In a private ceremony in the Bahamas, the couple tied the knot in 2008. Janis, Norman’s sister, believes that Evert did not treat her brother right. The dynamic between the couple on their wedding day made her sure about the fact that this relationship will not last. 


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The couple’s short-lived marriage is the proof that Janis was right all along. Maybe this union was doomed after all.

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