John Daly Once Had a Casual Response After Making a Bold Move Against a Golf Writer

John Daly is known highly for his non-country club appearance and fearless nature off the field. The American Professional has many fans in the golf community. Daly is mostly humble when talking to reporters and the media. But he can also be furious if something is done against his will

what actually happend?

The American Golf Writers Association requested the PGA Tour to keep a check on Daly’s actions and discipline the golfer after his fit of fury towards a reporter. Daly lost his cool after reading an article in the Times-Union and wanted to get back at the writer. He asked his fans to criticize the writer after he read a few things that were revealed from his 500-page PGA Tour profile.

John Daly makes a bold move against a reporter

It all went out of hands when Daly made three Twitter posts with two of them containing writer Garry Smits’ number. One of his tweets said, “here’s the JERK who writes NON-NEWS article … CALL & FLOOD his line & let’s tell him how we feel.”. In an era where mental health is considered as important as physical health, such acts of online harassment can sometimes scar people for life.

smiths recieves over 100 calls in few hours

As per Smits, he received almost 100 calls within a few hours. Daly removed all three posts by late morning on Wednesday. However, the PGA Tour stated that it had nothing to do with Daly’s comments. They also refused to do or say anything about the matter.

gwaa wanted daly to be suspended for his acts

After the incident, Vartan Kupelian, president of the GWAA wrote a letter to Tim Finchem, PGA Tour commissioner on Wednesday asking him to suspend the golf ace for his unprofessional acts. He clarified that Smits was only reporting on something that was already a public matter.

Daly refuses to answer for his deeds

Daly was asked in a telephone interview about his actions and why he did hat he did. But he had no intentions of talking about it. “I’m kind of over the drama, just looking forward to playing some golf,” Daly said. The Times-Union reported that between 1991-2008, Daly had been suspended five times, sent to alcohol rehabilitation seven times, and cited 21 times by the PGA Tour due to “failure to give best results,” during the events.

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