John Daly Once Spilled the Beans on His Short Temper

John Daly has always been open about his struggles with depression and alcohol. the golfer is not indifferent to any other person. Like most of us who undergo several struggles mentally, Big John once shared his personal battles with a short temper.

daly's rage on and off court

John Daly has displayed his anger on the golf course several times in the past. Whether it’s from throwing his golf club in the sea after a poor shot or having an unfiltered rant in the interviews, the 56-year-old doesn’t feel shy in unleashing all his anger.

John Daly beats up everything when he gets angry

Daly said, “Sometimes I’d beat my bus up, sometimes I beat my car up, sometimes I’d beat my hotel room up.” The interviewer then asked what would lead to the situation to which the golfer replied, “It’s just bad golf or you know somebody poking at me, pushing me to the limits.”

Daly revealed how his rage would result in him getting hurt

The two-time Major champion then revealed how he made sure that nobody apart from him got hurt because of his short temperament. John Daly said, “The only thing I’ve done is hurt myself. I haven’t hurt anybody else, Thank God.”

Daly almost had his hand through the TV

Back in the late 80s, John Daly had a bad first round at Swaziland, which is now known as Eswatini. The tournament was part of the South African Tour. Daly decided to beat the hotel room after being upset over his recent divorce. This resulted in him punching the TV screen and damaging his hand.

Peter Von Der Riet warns daly to withdraw

Daly still had another round to play at the South African Tour. Fortunately, for him, his hand was bandaged up by a fellow golfer to participate in the rest of the event. Peter Von Der Riet, who went on to become Daly’s caddie for nearly two decades,  warned Daly to withdraw from the tournament due to the injury.

big john went on to win the tournament

 John Daly had other plans for himself as he went on to win the Tournament two days later. He defeated John Bland in the final round to claim the victory. 

Daly ended up paying for the damages of the hotel room he caused

Daly said, “What I’d done at the hotel room was about 20,000 ran worth of damage. Well, that’s when I won the tournament, so I end up giving em that back.” Daly managed to keep the watch he received from the tournament.

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