John Daly Once Voiced His
Bold Opinions On PGA Tour’s Drug Policy

Daly is not someone who shies away from speaking his mind. The man once spoke up against certain unfair practices of the PGA Tour while being a part of the same Tour. In one such instance, Daly spoke about his perception of the drug policy followed by the PGA Tour.

daly comes on Sirius XM PGA Tour radio show

Daly is not a fan of how PGA’s drug testing works for golfers. In the Sirius XM PGA Tour radio show on Tuesday, Daly clarified his views about the drug policy that the PGA Tour follows. Daly used the term “a joke” to describe the anti-doping efforts of the tour.

John Daly talks about PGA’s drug policy

“I know when I’m getting drug tested,” Daly said, “That’s sad. They all know when we’re getting drug tested… And I’m tired of it.”Because it has to be random; this is bulls**t. And I’m sorry, fine me, I don’t care what you do, fine me, but do it randomly.”

the tour clarifies things out

The Tour claimed that Daly was wrong about the things that he said and needed to get his facts straight. The PGA Tour began drug testing in the summer of 2008. The Tour officials said that they have met Daly in the past and discussed the details of the program, but looking at the comments he made, they might have to visit him again.

Is Daly wrong about PGA’s drug-testing system?

The Tour also said that Daly was wrong about golfers knowing when they’ll be tested for drugs. They said it’s “simply not true” and also disclosed that no target tests were done on Daly by the Tour. However, Daly still stands by what he said was and believes that the policy is nothing but a big joke.

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