John Daly Provides Crucial Health Update Amid Battle With Cancer

John Daly, has gained a lot of fame and money through golf. Daly is 55 years old and he was diagnosed with cancer in late 2020.

What cancer is affecting Daly? 

John Daly was diagnosed with bladder cancer in mid-September 2020 which he said was treatable. 

Daly’s current health update 

Daly is undergoing chemotherapy to treat the bladder cancer. Daly is positive about beating it and is full of hope. 

Daly about his treatment in a recent podcast 

“They put a catheter in me, right in my you-know-what. They put a camera in there. And if they need to treat it, they put a jigsaw in there and cut it out. It sucks,” Daly said. 

How long will he be needing treatment?

“So I go every six months to get checkups now instead of every three months. Do it for five more years,” Daly mentioned.

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