John Daly Reveals Which Restaurant Makes the Best Chicken Wings in the World 

John Daly might be popular for his golf skills, but not many people know that the man follows a crazy diet as well. In a recent podcast appearance, Daly revealed who makes the best chicken wings in the world! 

Where did Daly make this revelation? 

Shortly after winning the 2021 PNC Championship, John Day joined the ‘Full Send Podcast,’ where he spoke about a number of topics, as well as the makers of the best wings in the world! 

Daly’s love for Hooters

The podcast episode was shot in a Hooters restaurant, and Daly gave them a special recognition: “Hooters wings are ten times better than anybody’s wings in the country. You can go to most grocery stores and buy the wings, you can buy Hooters wing sauce,” Daly exclaimed. 

Daly’s Quotes (Contd..)

“Before we end it, I want to thank Hooters, original Hooters. We love ’em, the best wings in the world,” he added. 

Credit- LPGA/YouTube

Do you agree? 

What is your opinion Do you agree with Daly that Hooters makes the best wings in the world? Or do you have a different choice?

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