John Daly Was Once Involved
In Brutal Scuffle With a Fellow Professional's 62 Year Old Father

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John Daly is one of the most popular golfers of all time. The 56-year-old American Pro is well known for his non-country club look and unique attitude.Other than playing an aggressive game on the course, Daly also got into trouble a few times off the course

with whom did daly get into a fight with?

In an incident that took place back in 1994, the golfer got into a fight with a fellow golfer’s 62 year-old-father. The man who got into this fight with Daly was golfer Jeffrey’s father Bob Roth.

The 1994 fight between John Daly and Bob Roth

The incident was seen by spectators and they described the incident as an uncalled fight with the golfer. Roth got upset about Daly hitting the balls twice into the group ahead of him, where Jr. Roth was sitting .Sr. Roth and Daly fell to the ground and wrestled for some time, after which the crowd separated them.

was anyone hurt after the incident?

None of them was seriously hurt, however, Roth got scraped on his left elbow and got a bandage. As a reaction to the incident, Akron Police Lt. Michael Woody took the matter into his hands.

lieutenant's statement

The lieutenant gave a statement saying he had a word with both the parties. After his conversation with people on both sides of the incident, none of them wanted to press charges against each other. Therefore, the police also didn’t take the matter any further and put a stop to the fight right there.

What did the spectators have to say about Daly and Roth’s fight?

There were all kinds of perspectives about the incident from all spectators. However, Terry Travis, who was the caddie for golfer Ikuo Shirahama, said it wasn’t Daly’s fault. He said, “There’s something said. It looked like John said, ‘Sorry about that’ and started to walk away. Then the guy grabs him from behind.”

bob roth's wife talks about Daly and Roth’s fight

On the contrary, Roth’s wife Dolores Roth said Daly provoked her husband and also cursed him which led to the fight. She said Daly wanted to lay her husband to the ground and said he threw her husband to the ground. It was then that the crowd separated them.

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