Justin Thomas and Max Homa’s Bromance Wins Golf Twitter Amid Flashy LIV Golf Announcements

During the press conference of the RBC Canadian Open, Justin Thomas guaranteed his commitment to the PGA Tour. Max Homa took it to Twitter to appreciate his good friend. As the golfers shared tweets about each other, fans seemed to love their bromance.

fans disappointed by top golfers

After a few top golfers left the PGA Tour for the newly launched LIV Golf Tour, many fans were left disappointed. The inaugural LIV Golf event started on 9th June, which is the same time as the RBC Canadian Open.

jt talks about pga tour

JT said, “Everybody’s entitled to their own opinion, you know what I mean. It doesn’t, it doesn’t like I said it doesn’t make him a bad person. I know that the PGA Tour is the best place to play in the world.”

homa reacts to justin's video tweet

Along with Justin Thomas, Max Homa has been another rising PGA star who didn’t choose to join the LIV Golf Tour. Both men decided to stay loyal to the 92-year-old Golf Tour. After Thomas made the comment, Homa took to Twitter to give his respect to the 2022 PGA Championship Winner. He said, “I freakin love JT”.

homa tweets about his baby

Max tweeted, “Amidst the craziness of golf news today, I got to go to another ultrasound appointment and we got to see the little guy in 3D form! Pretty crazy ride. Freaky looking tho! And I’d say that straight to his little alien face.”

“No Laying Up” reacted to the tweet with a sarcastic tweet

Famous Golf podcast “No Laying Up”, reacted to the tweet with a sarcastic tweet of their own. The tweet read, “Based on today’s news I expected this tweet to end with a ‘Max Homa, Jr. signed with LIV today, a 65 year, $32.5 billion contract'”.

jt tweets back at "no laying up" tweet

To add a bit more humor, Justin Thomas decided to tweet acting as the agent of Homa. He tweeted, “As Max Homa Jr’s agent, we prefer to not comment on the situation. Ty” Thomas’ tweet immediately caught everybody’s attention. It has already managed to gather more than 2,500 likes.

Fans react to the bromance

Apart from liking the tweets, fans also showed love to the PGA stars by retweeting. Some noticed the bromance among the golfers while others responded to the “Agent” Justin Thomas.

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