‘Leave It at That’: Golf Legend Jack Nicklaus Revealed Why Greg Norman Won’t Look at Him ‘Eye-To-Eye’ Despite Their Longtime Friendship

An inspiration to legend Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus is counted among the greatest golfers of all time. The golf ace has made tons of records in his professional career. However, his on-the-field performances were not the only reasons for him to land in the headlines. He once made strong statements about how things were between him and LIV Golf head Greg Norman.

Are Jack Nicklaus and Greg Norman still good friends?

Jack Nicklaus has been in the news several times for his unexpected and controversial statements about players and golf-related issues. And there was a time when the golf great made bold statements about his relationship with LIV Golf chief Greg Norman.

Norman lost a lot of friends because of his new Ventures.

Ever since Norman came up with LIV Golf as his new venture, he has lost a lot of friends in the golf fraternity. The retired professional golfer has had a beautiful career himself. However, his current focus solely involves the growth of LIV Golf, or as he mentions, the growth of the game.

Nicklaus confessed about their Friendship.

Like his other PGA Tour friends, Nicklaus also admitted that his relationship with Norman was not the same anymore. In an interview earlier this year at the Old Course, Nicklaus was asked about his views on Norman being uninvited to the celebration of the 150th by R&A. And in his response, Nicklaus clarified his dynamic with the golfer.

What was Nicklaus’ take on his relationship with Greg Norman?

Nicklaus was unaware of R&A’s decision to not call Norman to the ceremony. “Let me just sum this up with a couple of words,’’ he said. “First of all, Greg Norman is an icon in the game of golf. He’s a great player. We’ve been friends for a long time, and regardless of what happens, he’s going to remain a friend. Unfortunately, he and I just don’t see eye-to-eye in what’s going on. I’ll basically leave it at that.’’

However, Norman on the other hand had no intentions of being subtle about Nicklaus.

“One hundred percent truth? Jack’s a hypocrite,’’ Norman said in an interview a month before Nicklaus spoke up. According to the ‘shark’, Nicklaus was earlier in support of the LIV Golf league. He mentioned word by word what Nicklaus said to him when he explained the whole LIV Golf idea to him. “Quote-unquote, he said: “This is good for our game. If it’s good for the game of golf, it’s good by me,’’’ Norman recalled.

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