Legendary Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps Throws His Club in Disgrace After an Errant Tee Shot

It is pretty well known that Olympic swimming legend Michael Phelps is a huge golf enthusiast. He has been playing golf for a while, and the swimmer has a 10-handicap. Moreover, Michael had started golfing even before he retired from swimming. However, since his retirement, the Olympic legend has gotten more time to spend and enjoy on the golf course.

Hank Haney Project

Hank Haney, the former golf coach of Tiger Woods, started a show with celebrities to improve their golf game. Michael Phelps was part of this show in 2013, and while filming the show at the Old Course, Phelps threw his golf club in frustration.

Michael Phelps throws his club in frustration

Michael Phelps was having a bad day with the driver while filming the Hank Haney Project. So, after hitting an errant tee shot on the 14th hole, Phelps threw his club in frustration. He was annoyed with how he hit his tee shots with his driver that day.

what did Michael say about it?

“Just frustrated,” said Michael. “I used to be able to hit that club so well, and it’s just more of like a mind thing than anything else,” believed Phelps. Furthermore, Phelps said he would use a 3-wood instead of a driver. “It’s done for a while. We’re putting it and leaving it in the bag for a while,” said the 37-year-old.

what were haney's thoughts about the incident ?

Meanwhile, Hank Haney was observing this whole scene from the film room. “That wasn’t even like a good attempt to be mad,” said Hank. “I mean, that wasn’t like a real, you know, heave the club. That was just like, “Oh man.” I don’t look at that as a bad thing.”

what does haney
believe in?

Additionally, Hank believes players need to get mad after hitting a poor shot. He believes it is crucial to get disappointed as they can’t just carry on the same thing to the next hole, hour, or round. “I would hope that he would be disappointed in a shot like that. Because you know what, he’s better than that,” concluded Haney.

Which is Michael Phelps' next golf event?

Michael Phelps will now be competing in the Icons Series, where American athletes will take on the rest of the world team in a two-day match-play golf event. So it will be interesting to see how Phelps performs in this event.

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