LIV Golf Series Players Suffer Another Major Setback

It is payback time for the LIV Golf players! In the past few weeks, many prominent players, who pledged allegiance with the PGA Tour, have signed with the Saudi-backed league. While they are financially secure with their decision, more opportunities to be part of golf’s legacy are slipping away from them

Ryder Cup

Ryder Cup is considered one of the world’s greatest sporting events. To represent one’s own country in a sports event is an honor. It is also one of the rare opportunities for golfers to play in a team and share a bond with their fellow golfers.

LIV Golf players are ineligible to play in 2023

The new update from Zach Johnson, the 2023 Ryder Cup captain of Team USA, revealed that the LIV players wouldn’t be able to compete in the upcoming Ryder Cup.

mandatory to be a member of pga of usa 

Furthermore, he added, “In order to garner Ryder Cup points through the PGA of America, you have to be a member of the PGA of America. The way that we’re members of the PGA of America is through the PGA Tour.”

dustin johnson is
not eligible

Notably, many players, including Dustin Johnson, have resigned from the Tour to play in the LIV Golf Invitational. On the other hand, the Tour has suspended the non-resigning members from its events, making them ineligible to earn the Ryder Cup points.

No more dream team for America!

Johnson became the first American to go 5-0-0 since Larry Nelson in 1979. However, since they opted for the league’s money over the Tour’s legacy, the LIV Golf players will miss out on next year’s Ryder Cup. It means the dream team that made America proud by winning over team Europe for 19:9 is no more there.

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