Paige Spiranac Has a Blunt Message for All Her Golf Fans

Paige Spiranac is the most followed golfer on Instagram across the world. People love watching the content she posts on her Instagram and other social media platforms. But the fame is costing the social media star her mental peace. She recently shed light on the kind of messages she receives from some of her fans, and she expressed nothing but disgust!

social media queen

The 29-year-old Paige Spiranac is a retired professional golfer turned social media influencer. She is the most popular golfer on Instagram as she has the most number of followers in the golf community. Grabbing the attention of people online is now part of her job.

followers take Paige's integrity for granted

Spiranac has been posting golf-related content on her Instagram and Twitter accounts for a long time now. She also shares golf tricks and tips on her YouTube channel. But some of her followers easily take her integrity for granted and try to cross the line by sending her obscene messages.


“Just because I’m putting out very cheeky content doesn’t give you a right to send me something s***al in return,” Spiranac said. She also mentioned that she doesn’t mind receiving silly jokes in her DMs. But she loses her cool when people send her unsolicited obscene pictures.


According to the ex-golfer, her fans like to blame their actions on the kind of content Spiranac is putting out. People think that the social media influencer is “asking for it” by putting out bold pictures of herself.


Spiranac sent a strong reply to her fans saying, “I definitely know what I’m doing…I feel like sometimes guys just feel like they have free rein to do whatever they want…I don’t really love that”.

Did competitive golf make Spiranac happy?

A fan asked the former professional golfer if she would trade her current profession to win a major tournament in golf. Her immediate response to the question showed her hidden excitement and her long-lost dream to win a major event. But her response was a little different from what you’d expect.

Spiranac replies to her fan

“I don’t think I would,” she said. “I think that I am better suited to what I do”. She continued to say,  “I’ve picked the right direction for my career…golf never made me happy playing competitively…What I do definitely makes me happy.” It seems that Spiranac is never coming back to professional golf.

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