Paige Spiranac Has a Bold Message for Her Haters

The unfiltered attitude of Paige Spiranac is what has made her so popular on social media. She has previously shared her love for food and has taken plenty of food challenges as well. Spiranac has received hatred for these videos many times. But in a recent tweet, Spiranac finally had a message for her haters.


Spiranac is now a social media sensation who uploads instructional golf content on Youtube. She has a huge fan base with 3.2milion followers on Instagram and has 269K subscribers on Youtube.

hotdog eating challenge

Spiranac along with many Americans celebrated the 4th of July with jubilation. For the past few years, she has been posting a video every year on this day, which happens to go viral every time.Last year she shared a video of her taking on a hotdog eating challenge. However, this year she only gave her fans an advice of how to complete the challenge.

Paige Spiranac tweet on 4th of july

Spiranac tweeted, “Me to anyone who tells me to stop making hot dog videos.” She quickly received love from her fans who supported and motivated her to make more food challenge videos.

hate from netizens

The 29-year-old shared a video of her on the 4th of July wearing a stars-and-stripes-themed two-piece as she demonstrated the different ways to eat hot dogs. Though she has stopped participating or even participating the Hot dog eating challenge, she’s still been facing hatred from the public.

Spiranac claps back at a troll

 Spiranac posted a video on her Twitter page where she attempted to recreate the milkshakes. Though most fans loved the sweet clip, one troll caught, Spiranac’s attention. “How can anybody take her seriously?” the Twitter user said, to which Spiranac replied, “Lighten up. It’s a stupid video. Not supposed to be taken serious.”

Spiranac just wants to keep her fan happy

Paige tweeted, “There’s so many horrible things happening in this world and life is hard so I like to create content that makes people smile. Is it stupid? Yes. Is it meant to be taken seriously? No. If I’m keeping you guys entertained and happy then I’m doing my job.”

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