Paige Spiranac Has
a Question for All
Golf Fans

Athletes getting angry and displaying negative emotions is common in every sport. However, unlike the other sports, golfers have to be more careful with the way they express as many in the golf world tend to not like it. However, Paige Spiranac doesn’t agree with this mentality and wants to know the fans’ perspective on it


Spiranac is now a social media sensation who uploads instructional golf content on Youtube. She has a huge fan base with 3.2milion followers on Instagram and has 269K subscribers on Youtube.

a gentleman's game

According to the golfer, fans of other sports celebrate watching a player’s rage during a tournament. “We love fighting in hockey, the celebration dances in football,” Spiranac said.“But with golf, it’s a gentlemen’s (in air quotes) game, who want to keep the tradition.”

paige questions golf fans

Furthermore, Paige decided to go ahead and ask, “Do you want to see more emotions from the golfer? Or do we like how it is?”

What made the golfer question the tradition of golf?

The English golfer Matthew Fitzpatrick won the 2022 U. S. Open on June 19th. However, it was not the only interesting event that happened on Sunday. “Grayson Murray full-on tomahawked his putter, snapped a club over his leg,” the 29-year-old described.Even though the incident might irk some, Spiranac doesn’t share the same opinion.

what does Paige Spiranac think about it?

The 29-year-old expressed that she doesn’t want the players to go overboard with their feelings. However, she would like to see them express their emotions more. Spiranac also wondered whether the fans would want the same from their favorite golfers or not.

Has Paige Spiranac ever acted outrageously on a golf course?

Recently, Spiranac shared an event online while she was on a golf course. “Today I threw my driver 40 yards in the air,” Spiranac revealed. According to the golfer, she did it because of her driver yips.

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