Paige Spiranac Made a Massive Revelation That Will Break Her Fans’ Hearts

Paige Spiranac is one of the most influential people in the golf world. The ex-pro golfer has over 11 million followers across all of social media. With her massive fan base, Spiranac is more than content and happy with her career. Her fans are also extremely loyal to her. But recently she made a choice that will certainly rip her fans in two if it ever comes to pass

only PAIGE

Of late, Spiranac has been the talk of the town with her new subscription-based service. After months of fans asking her to get on board the OnlyFans subscription platform, the golf beauty decided to meet them halfway. She came up with her subscription-based service called Only Paige.

what does the subscription include?

Paige offers her fans a variety of exclusive content, “except that,” including live streams and golf instructional videos. Spiranac has come a long way in her career. She stands to make $4.4 million in a year if only 10% of her Instagram followers subscribe. In a recent interview with Forbes, the influencer was asked if she would trade it all in to compete at the top of the PGA Tour.

paige's dream isn't complete

The question tore at the blonde beauty. “I always wanted to play on the LPGA Tour,” she said. “That was a massive dream of mine and I would love that feeling of achieving that goal.” Spiranac then added, “I think anyone would trade out what they are doing for their dream in life.”

Spiranac feels disappointed in herself despite her success

Maxim 2022’s Sexiest Woman Alive added that she still feels like a failure. “I do feel like I failed or I gave up and that’s something I have to deal with,” she claimed. But the social media icon was happy with her life. “I love what I do and I have so much fun doing,” she stated.

paige feels quite fortunate

Paige explained that she understood the rigor and grind that the female golfers went through. Paige was well aware that constantly training and being on the move was difficult. She claimed that she was fortunate to love and be able to create content as she did.

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