Paige Spiranac Once Esteemed Patrick Reed’s Controversial Style of Golf

Patrick Reed may perhaps be one of the best active golfers in the professional circuit at the moment. However, his skills and talents have been overshadowed because of his controversies in golf. The endless cheating allegations have always stuck with him since his college days. Though most people despise Reed for it, golf’s biggest social media entity Paige Spiranac once admired it.


Reed had been caught cheating on several occasions. In one such occurrence in 2021, the 32-year-old was surrounded by cheating allegations once again at the Farmers Insurance Open. Though many raised fingers at Reed, Spiranac was fascinated by him. Let’s take a look at what unfolded at Torrey Pines.


Before the third round at the Farmers Insurance Open, the city of San Diego was visited by heavy rainfall. This eventually led to the first three rounds of the event being played in ‘lift, clean and place‘ rules when balls became embedded in the wet ground.


In the 10th hole of the third round on Saturday, Patrick Reed’s long drive landed in the rough. A nearby volunteer claimed that the ball hadn’t bounced, though the replays displayed it bouncing. As the golfer believed the ball was embedded through the green and was allowed to relieve it, he stooped down and picked up his ball.


Many questioned the golfer for quickly picking up the call before the arrival of the official. Nonetheless, the PGA Tour official concluded after the round, that Reed was right in his decision to pick the embedded ball. However, the fans didn’t accept it as many continued their rant by labeling the 2018 Masters winner as a cheater. Nonetheless,  Paige Spiranac came to defend Reed from the critics.

spiranac defends reeds' style of play 

No topic in the world of golf goes without the opinion of Paige Spiranac. With millions of followers across all social media platforms, fans admire her thoughts. While the majority were against Patrick Reed for picking up the golf ball in 2021, Spiranac had the opposite reaction.

page spiranac's tweet

Paige tweeted, “I will say Patrick Reed makes for some entertaining golf and I don’t hate that”. Following her tweet, the social media star further expressed her admiration towards other golfers such as Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau for their unapologetic bold style of golf.

“Give me Bryson [De Chambeau], Reed and Brooks [Koepka] s*** talking all day long. Hate them or love them, it’s good for golf.” Undoubtedly, the three men are talented golfers with a lot more to achieve in the sport. In a few more years, we might see the three LIV Golf stars letting their presence be known at the upcoming Majors.

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