Paige Spiranac, Who Can’t Figure Out ‘Enigma’ Aaron Rodgers, Says His Off-season Antics Were Simply a Defense Mechanism

Paige Spiranac is the only golfer with the highest number of followers on social media. She became an internet sensation with over 3.5 million followers online after she retired from golf in 2016. She runs a podcast  that discusses her personal and professional experiences and some sports talk. During one of her episodes of her podcast ‘Playing a Round with Paige Renee,’ she talked about the Superbowl champion, Aaron Rodgers, and criticized him for his behavior.

Paige Spiranac cannot figure out Aaron Rodgers.

Although in her dating history, Paige Spiranac has dated basketball players, baseball players and more. But she finds hard to figure out Aaron Rodgers, because he showed up at training camp dressed up like Nick Cage from Con Air. She felt it was quite a look and quite a statement. And he’s also threatened to leave. 

Spiranac's opinion on Rodgers.

Giving her opinion, she said, “it endures him so much hate and controversy that he’s almost doing this to protect himself. It’s almost like a defense mechanism where he’s giving people things to talk about that is so outrageous like dressing up.”

Spiranac is a fan of the Enigma.

Paige called Rodgers a compelling character. According to her, Rodgers is like an enigma; it is something people can discuss, but it’s not personal. It is hard to figure out what is going on in his mind. She also stated Rodgers thought Spiranac was his fan, and she did not deny it. She said that she likes Aaron Rodgers and wants him to do well.

Spiranac picks Rogers to be MVP this season.

Her admiration is evident as she also mentioned that she had picked Rodgers to be the MVP this year. And she is hoping he’s going to have a good season.

Before ending the podcast Paige made an interesting comparison.

Before ending, she made a comparison of Rodgers with the Packers. She said that there is an interesting dynamic between Rodgers and the Packers. And also him versus the media and him versus the fans.

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