Phil Mickelson’s Mother Sent an Unusual Text During the 2021 PGA Championship

The LIV defector has achieved a lot in the three decades of his career. He has won 45 events on the PGA tour, which includes six major championships. Now he is one of the outstanding golfers on the Saudi-backed circuit. His name, fame, has been reaching heights. Still, his mother was worried about him last year. Why? What did she say? Let’s find out.

Mickelson’s mother is happy for him

Mothers always have the finest counsel, even if it contradicts their children’s thoughts and actions. Consider the major championship winner Phil Mickelson. He became the oldest golfer to win a major when he captured the PGA Championship in May 2021 and was about to turn 51.

What words of wisdom did the mother of Phil Mickelson give him?

Before that, his mother, Mary, asked her daughter Tina over text to alert Mickelson during the third round. Mary texted, “Don’t hit bombs or activate calves. Just par. They will have to catch him.”

why did'nt mary talk to phil directly?

Mary added that the pro golfer would not listen to his mother; therefore, she insisted that her daughter send the message. Tina replied that she would explain it to Tim because Mickelson was only listening to his caddie that day. The big boy could not stop her mother from giving parting advice to his sister Tina.

Why was Mary shocked by Mickelson’s actions?

Even though she knew his son would always be a kid for her, his actions surprised Mary. In a phone interview, Mary revealed how the pro golfer felt after being sidelined from the PGA Championship due to joining LIV. She said that Mickelson was calm and relaxed. He was not agitated and had much time on his hand. All that time, he kept contemplating the career of his future.

mary says phil's much more happier now

Mary said, “He’s relaxed, he laughs all the time. “He’s not on the phone with people that are calling him for this and that.” She was happy to see his son stress-free and spending quality time with his family more than ever. It surprised her initially to see the PGA tour champion that way, but later she was pleased.

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