Recently Divorced Paige Spiranac Reveals if She’ll Ever Remarry

Paige Spiranac is a former professional golfer turned social media influencer. It has been only a couple of months since the 29-year-old disclosed that she got divorced. Yet, the fans are already restless to know whether she will marry again or not.


Spiranac is now a social media sensation who uploads instructional golf content on Youtube. She has a huge fan base with 3.2milion followers on Instagram and has 269K subscribers on Youtube.

latest episode of paige's podcast

In the latest episode of Paige's podcast, ‘Playing a Round with Paige Renee' The former pro-golfer answered this intimate question in the episode  "If She’ll Ever Remarry"

Paige revealed her divorce on instagram 

The golfer revealed through Instagram Stories Q&A that she got a divorce from her husband, Steve Tinoco. Notably, Tinoco is a personal trainer and former minor league baseball player. The couple got engaged in 2016 and got married in 2018.

Paige did consider not marrying ever again

According to Spiranac, she did consider not marrying ever again after her divorce. She added that divorce gives a traumatic experience for the couple involved and their families. “It’s just it’s very difficult,” the golfer added.

Spiranac changed her mind over time

However, her point of view about remarrying has changed ever since. “Now, when I think about it, yes, I definitely think I want to remarry,” she stated. “I’ve learned so many things, and I believe in love.”

Spiranac talks about what if she did get married again

According to the golfer, she didn’t get to enjoy the process of a wedding the first time she got married. However, she doesn’t want to rush everything now. From cake testing to choosing a wedding dress, the 29-year-old wants everything to enjoy every small detail of the wedding next time.

Paige talks about why she kept her last relationship private

Piage has never shared any photos or any details about her relationship with her ex-husband. She used to believe that it is difficult to manage a relationship if everyone’s eyes are on you.

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