Tiger Woods Delivers Emotional Statement Following Rough Open Championship Outing

Tiger Woods played his best in the 150th Open. The 15-time major winner prepared very well for his game and put in a lot of practice. However, Woods was not fully healed from his injuries from the car crash .What does Tiger Woods feel about the situation? And how is he dealing with it?

Tiger Woods predicts his future in the game

The golf ace kept moving as he did not know if these moments would ever return. He made a statement that made his fans a little too sentimental. “That’s when I started to realize, hey, that’s when I started thinking about the next time it comes around here I might not be around,” Woods said.

Tiger Woods gets emotional

Woods, 46, is all worried about how long he is going to stay fit on the field. He said that he got emotional while he was walking across the Swilcan Bridge on Friday.He felt that his partners and his caddie were holding back. So he walked across the beautiful bridge where golf legends have waved their careers’ final goodbyes to their fans.

Woods describes his moments on the British Open field

Woods said, “As I walked further along the fairway, I saw Rory right there”. He added, “The ovation got louder and got — you could feel the warmth and you could feel the people from both sides. Felt like the whole tournament was right there.”

Fans and spectators had filled grandstands

Woods said that his fans appreciated him for everything he had done throughout his career as a golfer. Fans and spectators had filled grandstands along the green and were cheering for Woods with all their heart and soul. It was magical to watch and experience for Woods as well as anyone who saw the moment with their naked eyes.

Tiger Woods gave it
All he got

Towards the end of the game, it was clear that it wasn’t going to be easy for Woods to make the cut. He gave it all his strength, but it was just not his day! For Woods, being a part of the event was a big deal in itself.

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