Tiger Woods Extends his beef with liv golf chief greg norman

Tiger Woods has always been humble to his fellow golfers and his fans. But LIV Golf Chief, Greg Norman, feels a little different than that. Norman once talked about a time when he specially went to Woods’ house to personally give a letter to the golfer. But how did Woods respond to it?

the shark of golf

Norman is currently running the LIV Golf league and is all set to take it to new heights. Because of his strategies, LIV Golf is now posing a serious threat to the PGA Tour. But there is still one man who Norman has not been able to win over, and it’s the 15-time major winner Tiger Woods.

greg hand-delivers a letter to tiger woods

Norman and Woods have had a flakey relationship over the years. The LIV Golf CEO once talked about how he drove to Woods’ residence to give him a letter to congratulate him for winning the Masters Championship. However, he didn’t get any response from the golfer about it.

greg feels woods dislikes him

Greg  added that he talked to Woods’ guard and said “Can you please hand-deliver it to him?” But the golfer hasn’t replied to the letter yet, nor did he reach out to Norman to acknowledge receiving the letter. “maybe Tiger just dislikes me.” Norman said.

Norman’s offer to Tiger Woods to join LIV Golf

Greg Norman was in rumors to have offered Woods a deal of $700 to $800 million to join LIV Golf . But he recently clarified the claims about the amount saying that “the numbers that were thrown out were inclusive of future franchise value”.

what if the amount offered to tiger woods was real?

It indicates that LIV didn’t offer this amount to the golfer. However, there is no official news about the exact amount as of now. But do you think if the amount was raised, Tiger Woods could actually consider shifting to LIV Golf?

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