Tiger Woods’ Father, Earl Woods Once Got Emotional While Expressing Pride for His Son’s Impact in the World

In over 27 years of the sport, the veteran golfer Tiger Woods has marked many milestone achievements over the years. And his dad was as proud as he could be, one time Earl Woods even burst out into tears. Woods's father Earls was his son's earlier inspiration in golf. Earl was always so proud when he spoke about his son's achievements.

beautiful moments on the golf course

“Please forgive me, but sometimes I get very emotional when I talk about my son,” Earl used to burst into tears when he mentioned to anyone about Wood's achievements. He was overwhelmed with tears of joy and pride when he spoke about the 15-time Major winner. 

'woods will lead and inspire generations to come'

Earl believed that Tiger has the capability to lead millions. The 82- time PGA winner's Father said that Tiger's presence will make the world a better place to live in and has definitely changed the lives of many humans with his passion for the sport and show of achievements. 

'tiger woods will bring to the world a HUMANITARianism like never before'

Earl Woods once said 'Tiger woods will transcend this game'. 
The documentary that HBO released about Woods in 2021 called Tiger shows footage of Earl opening up about the pride he felt for Tiger for his every achievement. 

Tiger's virtue and presence will make the world a better place

Tiger Woods did in fact become the symbol of pride and change the lives of countless people. He has also become the pride of many golfers and people all around the world.  Earl Woods was diagnosed with prostate cancer and passed away from a heart attack in the year 2006. 

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