Tiger Woods’ ‘Massive Scream for Help’ Resonated With Michael Phelps, Who Comforted the Golfer During a Dark Moment in 2017

Tiger Woods has fallen under public scrutiny on multiple occasions. The legendary golfer has been associated with some of the most-publicized scandals among sports persons. But his DUI arrest in May 2017 caused many to fear that Woods had restored to harmful ailments. But in trying circumstances, it was another sports legend who helped the golf champion through his rough patch. That man was Michael Phelps.

Michael Phelps counsels Tiger Woods.

The Olympic champion came at the behest of Woods when he needed him the most. Phelps once said that Woods’ arrest on memorial day in 2017 felt “like that’s a massive scream for help.” 

The pair got in touch through a mutual friend.

The two legends in their respective sports got in touch with a mutual friend, Notah Begay III. Begay was on record to discuss the conversation between the pair. He believed the stature of Phelps and his experiences would prove vital for a struggling Woods.

What did Begay say?

“Michael can provide honest and direct feedback, and that’s what athletes of their caliber need the most,” Begay said. He also revealed that the two started off slowly, but with time have been able to express themselves freely.

How did Tiger Woods get arrested on DUI charges?

Woods was found asleep at the wheel in the early hours of 30th May 2017. He was tested for alcohol, but police reports confirmed the blood-alcohol level was .000. However, a toxicology report found a dangerous mix of five different drugs in Woods’ body system. While he cited those as medication for his back ailment, many feared the worst. The police report even confirmed that Woods had failed the sobriety tests and had trouble completing basic “roadside tasks.”

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