Tiger Woods once Confessed to Being Humbled by 7-Year-Olds

Tiger Woods is a living legend in the golf world. The 15-time major winner has tons of fans around the globe and is loved by all his fellow golfers as well. Woods also has a unique personality, along with a playful side to his character.

tiger woods plays video games!

Other than being a famous and skillful golfer, Tiger Woods also turned out to be an impassioned gamer. This side of the player came to light in an episode of a TV Talkshow named ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’

Tiger Woods’ grounded reaction to his career victories

The host talked about all the achievements and victories that Woods had earned. While Woods being the humble and down-to-earth person he is, reacted to every victory mentioned as if it was no big deal. When the host stated that Woods had missed only 15 cuts in over 300 PGA events, Woods called it ’15 too many’.

humbling times tiger woods has faced

The Host asked Woods whether there has been anything humbling throughout his time off the golf course. It was in reference to the time when Woods had two back injuries and was off the course for over a year. Woods mentioned those back surgeries in his answer and, along with that, he mentioned something unexpected.

Tiger Woods plays
Call Of Duty

Woods shared with people how he likes to compete all the time, throughout the day. But since he was not able to do that on the course, he said, “I applied my same intensity, my craft, my focus, to ‘Call Of Duty’” It took no time for the audience to burst into laughter.

Tiger Woods – not a pro at Call Of Duty

Woods thought that it was easy to play and win in the First-Person Shooter game, as he was able to win through the single-player campaigns on it. But he was soon “humbled” when he went online to try his skills in the game. “When 7-year-old are beating you from around the world, humbling!” Woods said.

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