Tiger Woods Once Portrayed His Intense Competitive Nature Even While Playing Soccer With His Kids

This competitive nature has made him the Woods he is today, and his kids are also part of it. He plays with his kids with a competitive perspective. Let’s find out why he has this competitive attitude and what he thinks about it.

Tiger Woods's moto

Tiger Woods did not become a golf legend overnight, he worked hard and earned the title. To be Woods or even reach his level, one needs to be competitive and thrive in perfection and success. The former no.1 has repeatedly proved it, and we add another one to the list. His motto always remains to win, whether playing golf, ping-pong, or even soccer.

dark moment for tiger woods

After a series of injuries, Tiger Woods‘ golf career saw a dark phase. No one knew whether they would be able to see the golf hero again on the course or not. Even though he was away from golf, trapped in his home, he was happiest because of his kids.

Tiger Woods 'Happy to Be Back Home' with His Kids

In 2015, during a press conference at the Quicken Loans National, Woods revealed an intimate detail regarding his parenthood. Talking about his free time and recovery, he said that all he did was play soccer with his kids and run along with them. Woods did not have any other business to attend to, so he took advantage of every minute he could have with his kids.

Tiger Woods believes his children can never beat him at this game

The 15 times major winner affirmed that no matter how good his kids were, they could not defeat their father in soccer. Yes, they might make him tired. He said, “Nope. They’ll never beat their dad. They’ll wear me out, but they’ll never beat me.” Therefore, beating Woods was out of the question. Even though he was recovering, he did not let go of a winner’s attitude.

Is Woods the epitome of fatherhood?

As a golfer, you do not get much time to spend with family. And, after the separation from his ex-wife, Woods couldn’t manage to find that time for his kids but during his recovery phase, he was not Tiger Woods, he was a happy father, spending most of his time with his kids, Sam and Charlie

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