Tiger Woods vs Drake Net Worth Comparison: Who Is Richer?

Tiger Woods is one of the most popular personalities in the world and the same can be said about Drake. While the two have different careers, they’re not new to making millions in earnings. But who has accumulated more wealth over the years? 

Drake Net Worth 

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the current net worth of Drake is $200 million. 

Tiger Woods Net Worth 

Woods has a net worth of $800 million, which is also according to Celebrity Net Worth. 

Drake Endorsements 

Drake has endorsement deals with companies like Nike and Air Jordan. Also, he is the global ambassador of the Toronto Raptors. 

Tiger woods endorsements 

Tiger has a large chunk of earnings which come from his endorsements. He has partnered with brands like Nike, Rolex, Titleist, Accenture, Gatorade, Gillette, American Express, and many more.

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