Unluckiest shots on the pga tour (2021)

Golf is hard. There is no way around it. That being said, here are the unluckiest shots recorded on the PGA Tour in 2021. 

Dustin Johnson 

Johnson hits his tee shot too perfect in this short par-3. Instead of landing near the hole, the ball hits the flagstick and agonizingly rolls into the water as DJ could do nothing but look on..

Cameron Champ

Champ faces the same fate as Dustin Johnson in his clip. The Texas native hits his wedge with too much precision that it goes straight into the flagstick and rolls down the green as a result.

Sam Ryder 

Ryder faced one of those unfortunate moments where the ball seems like it is going into the hole, only for it to lip out at the last moment. The worst sight in golf indeed.

 Jon Rahm 

Yet another case of the flagstick causing unwanted damage. Jon Rahm hits a sweet wedge shot onto the green, but the ball hits the flagstick and rolls back much to everyone’s agony. 

Kevin Na 

Kevin Na is renowned for his short game, but even he couldn’t escape bad luck in this one. Na hits a crisp wedge straight into the flagstick that forces the ball to roll out of the green and into the rough

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