When John Daly Suffered An ‘Embarrassing’ Encounter With a Cop

John Daly was on a roll of winning streaks back in 1995. However, what we will focus today on was how he was caught off guard once during the 1995 Opens. Apparently, a man from the audience was the one to cause the scene.

controversial public figure

John Daly does not have the most conventional story. The pro golfer has had his share of struggle day in and out. He has probably lived through it all. He is one of the few golfers who never failed to grab the public eye. He is mostly in news for a multitude of reasons, ranging from his personal to professional life.

John Daly and the case of the 1995 Open Championship Streaker

Daly is no stranger to rather surprising public encounters. He was once held in a strange situation where a fan from the audience walked, or rather ran out naked during the Opens. The man, apparently, had a big arrow drawn pointing down at his backside. It was a sight to remember in the history of golf.

long john talks about the situation

Daly said,  “Well,  I heard he was a cop, and he bet a hundred pounds. There’s 90 people in his precinct so he won nine thousand pounds. They didn’t even arrest him. He went back to the precinct, stayed naked, and drank with them. But it’s a little embarrassing. I signed a lot of stuff but that’s one picture I won’t sign. A lot of people want me to sign it but I’m not signing the guy’s a**, I’m sorry.”

america's favourite underdog

Long John has probably had a very long history of struggles, some greater than others. He has struggled with a variety of addictions, ranging from drugs to food to gambling. In addition, he is currently battling cancer. Daly’s “never-say-die” attitude, on the other hand, is probably what makes him America’s favorite underdog

The American Underdog talks about how he didn’t fit in

Daly has had his fair share of attempts to fit in  but then he said, “I just didn’t fit in. Do you know what I mean? I wasn’t a silver-spoon kid on the golf course growing up. And no disrespect to any of them, but it was hard for me to get to know some of the guys on Tour.”

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