When Paige Spiranac Got Critical About the LPGA’s Dress Code

Success doesn’t necessarily always mean being the best. An apt example of it is Paige Spiranac. The 29-year-old failed to make her mark on the pro tour. However, that didn’t stop her from being one of the most popular names in the golfing world.


Spiranac is now a social media sensation who uploads instructional golf content on Youtube. She has a huge fan base with 3.2milion followers on Instagram and has 269K subscribers on Youtube.

lpga receives backslash

Walking down memory lane, in 2017, the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) announced a strict dress code for professional women golfers. However, not going as expected, the governing body of female golfers received massive backlash from the golf world.

Paige disapproves new dress code

A couple of days later after the announcement in July 2017, Spiranac indulged in a conversation with a media house. During the conversation, she made sure to come out clear about her disapproval of the new dress code.

Paige Spiranac calls out LPGA for its dress code announcement

“Up to this point, there have been no incidences or photos of LPGA players dressed in a way that has cast the tour in a negative light,” Paige asserted. “Because of this, it’s easy to assume that the new dress code is simply a formality and won’t have much impact on the game.”

Paige has been a victim of hate for her dresses

Spiranac wasn’t a part of the LPGA Tour. However, despite that, she, for a long time had been a victim of hate for her dresses. Scrolling through the social media handles, Spiranac opted to put on dresses and T-shirts with plunging necklines. Something, which was prohibited in the LPGA dress code.

Paige termed the dress code as a measure for golfers promoting the traditional and conservative norms of the game.

“If the LPGA players themselves aren’t the problem, these new rules may have been put in place as an exclusionary measure to make sure that only players who echo golf’s more traditional, conservative norms are attracted to and excel at the sport,” Paige said.

Spiranac becomes the face of the changing society for women

“In the age of millennials, women’s rights, and female empowerment, I hope my voice helps to encourage the next generation of great female athletes and golfers to possibly stop social injustices and prejudices from creeping into the game that I fell in love with at such a young age,” said Paige.

Spiranac walked the path to fame

Five years after the incident, Spiranac continues to believe in the freedom of clothing. While a handful of fans continue calling her out for her dresses, the majority of the golf world praises her for her skills. Building with time, she today is the most followed golfer on social media.

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