Years After an Ugly Split With Tiger Woods, His Former Coach Made an Uncanny Comment About the Golfing Legend in 2020

Woods has come a long way with many milestones that landed him in the Hall of Fame too. Despite the dark phases of his life, he did not stop working towards his goal. Yes, he took a break, or the injuries forced him to take a break, but he has always risen stronger than before.Every athlete has a secret to success, and Woods’ secret was revealed by his ex-coach once. It might leave you surprised; however, it made sense. Let’s unveil it.

greatest of all times

Many admire Tiger Woods, the legendary golfer, and fans love him globally because of his golfing skills. However, some people appreciate him in the weirdest way possible. And his ex-coach Butch Harmon was on that list, as revealed in 2020. He commented on Woods’ raw, arrogant attitude.

ex-coach talks about woods

Harmon spoke to top fellow coach Claude, who was also his son, on Instagram. He revealed the secret of Woods‘ success in 2020. His attitude and arrogance were the only reason he could win 15 major championships, along with a record 82 times on the PGA Tour. According to Harmon, who coached the golfer between 1993 and 2003, “You absolutely need a streak of arrogance to be a great champion, to be the best at what you do.”

what makes tiger woods no.1 according to ex coach

Harmon further called Woods “p***k” and said he was the number one golfer “because he’s an arrogant p***k.” And it was not just Woods he talked about, but another pro, too. According to him, even Jack Nicklaus was the same. When the pro and greatest golfer, Nicklaus, stepped up to the tee, they turned into arrogant people.

Does every golfer dislike Woods?

Woods is an outstanding golfer and a role model for aspiring young golfers. However, he had some hard times in his life, but not all golfers disliked him. When the former no. 1 objected to the golfers leaving PGA and moving to LIV, Mickelson did not lash out. He said that he respects his opinion.

somethings never change

However, Harmon does not despise the G.O.A.T. for having that attitude, nor it affected their relationship. Woods and Harmon used to go out, have dinner together, and then have some beers.

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