‘You Can Give a Smile, Too’: Phil Mickelson Once Taught 4x NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers His Iconic ‘Thumbs Up’ Celebration

Aaron Rodgers may not be prepping for the 2022-23 NFL postseason but considering his interest in the sport of golf, he sure has plenty of time to swing until the next season. Owing to his golf skills, the 2011 Superbowl winner has a close relationship with golf legend Phil Mickelson. Throwback to the 2021 edition of ‘The Match’, when Mickelson taught Rodgers his signature ‘Thumbs Up’.

What is Mickelson known for apart from being one of the best golfers?

Apart from his 45 wins which include his six Major triumphs, Mickelson is also known to have a comical character on the golf course. The 52-year-old is hardly ever seen without a smile on his face while playing golf. In 2021, Phil teamed up with Rodgers’s arch-rival Tom Brady to take on the Green Bay Packers quarterback and Bryson DeChambeau in the fourth edition of ‘The Match’. Despite being the opposition, Mickelson did teach Rodgers a valuable celebration.

Phil Mickelson teaches Aaron Rodgers the famous ‘thumbs up.’

Over the years, football fans have seen Aaron Rodgers celebrate in various ways. Whether it’s his Kay and Peele Double pump or his championship belt celebration, it’s needless to say the 4 time NFL MVP doesn’t disappoint. Nonetheless, while playing golf, Rodgers wouldn’t mind imitating the celebration of a Hall of Famer.

In ‘The Match IV’, mics caught a conversation between Phil Mickelson and the quarterback.

Following a putt, Rodgers could be seen showing a thumbs up, which is widely considered a signature celebration of Mickelson in the golf world.

Mickelson recognized Rodger's celebrations.

Lefty recognizes Rodgers’ celebration and said, “Give a thumbs up. You can give a smile, too”. The veteran quarterback replied, “Sure” as he adhered to Phil’s suggestion in celebration. An impressed Mickelson then ended by saying, “Yeah, there you go”, with a grin on his face.

After studying the celebration of the Hall of Famer, Aaron Rodgers also adopted some of his golf skills.

He helped his team to capture the win against Mickelson and Brady. Perhaps, it would be interesting to see Rodgers exhibit the ‘thumbs up’ celebration next season. However, whether the quarterback will be in the starting lineup for the Packers next year still remains a doubt.

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