“Is He Alive?”: Resurfaced Video Dubbed World’s Most Terrifying Wipeout Breaks the Surfing Community Yet Again

How much thrill, can be too much thrill? Here’s a resurfaced video of Surfer Myron Porter having an unreal experience with one of the most terrifying wipeouts in surfing history.

The video keeps resurfacing in surfing circles.

Wipeouts are fun as well as scary to watch; not many would want to personally suffer from these monstrous waves. What did fans have to say about this surreal video? Let’s check it out.

"The look on their faces"

One fan pointed out the reaction of the onlookers, “The look on their faces….”
Another fan commented, “How can you survive this?”, while someone else wrote, “Stuff of nightmares.” A scared spectator said, “That wave is terrifying.”

“Is he alive?”

One user wrote their experience watching the video that reads, “I just said omg a thousand times while watching this. My heart…that’s a scary wave and that dude got rag dolled, slammed that wall behind it…f*** me.”  Some were concerned about the surfer and asked, “Is he alive?”. Others had a shift in perspective – “Wow survive that—survive anything.”

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